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In 2018, under the Victims of Crimes Act (VOCA), and with the help of community partners, Elaine, launched, LGBTQ SAFE Zone, a supportive services program funded by the New Jersey Office of the State Attorney General, which provides social services for victims of sexual crimes, who identify as LGBTQI. Through integrated solutions, RAIN offers educational & financial responsibility resources, as well as wraparound services to include substance abuse, mental health counseling, drug testing, and group sessions; all under the framework of trauma-informed care. Through LGBTQ Safe Zone, Elaine aims to accomplish the mission of RAIN by assisting young LGBTQ adults with devising and executing individual service plans to enable them to develop healthy relationships, access vocational training, as well as secure employment and stable housing.

Nicole Maines is one of 11 transgender individuals profiled in the HBO documentary The Trans List


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