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Shout Outs

We’re appreciative to all of our supporters and donors. There are ones that donate on a monthly basis and some that donate when they are able to. Please know that we accept and appreciate all thoughts and kind gestures towards this amazing agency.

The follow list is from our Christmas & Holiday donors who used Amazon to send items from our wish list.

From all of the residents and staff of the LGBT RAIN Foundation, we THANK YOU!

BOFA Giving Tree                                Kristina K. Fulcher

Amy Hamilton                                     Suzanne Maxwell

Ashley Lyon                                         Heather R. McGrath

Benjamin Rosenzweig                       Maryanne Hydock

Christina Hernandez                         Julia Morris Ott

Carol Flanagan                                   Dan Stewart

Sandra Schwalb                                 Cindy Frank

Hawthorn Pride Alliance                 Diann L. Castiaux

Ira Goodman                                      Tracy Lowe

Dan Stewart                                       Debra Villalta

Manja Molan                                     Lawrence B Necowitz

H. R. Johnson                                     Guillermo Hernandez

Laura Richardson                             Sherri Kniskern

Betsy Rescorla                                   Kim Rescorla

Bradley Campbell                            Chase Perrett

Stephanie Rauch                              Nicole Adair

Connie Y Yoo                                     Michael Force

Saloua Lahlou                                  Brandon Westmoreland

Travis Fabian                                   Sheila Gorman

Progressive Insurance Co.             Salesforce . org

Rutherford Pride Alliance             Cabral Miller

(First Names Only Provided)

Marybeth                                          Lauren

Jen                                                      Ben & Robin

Colleen                                              Nicole

RS                                                       Serena

Becky                                                Lionel