Essex County LGBT RAIN Foundation


Our programs promote self-sufficiency and independence and enhance residents’ ability to function in their communities. Our programs aim to help youth lead healthy, productive and meaningful lives, focusing on five core objectives:

  • To support our young people develop both the skills and personal characteristics that will empower them to live independently
  • To provide education, services and referrals via our community partners that help our young people maintain employment and explore career options
  • To provide wrap around services that will provide them with mental health, substance and medical services.
  • To supply program participants with money management and budgeting skills
  • To assist our young people in the development of healthy, meaningful and supportive relationships


  • Assist in helping LGBT young adults devise their plans to have healthy relationships, employment, stable housing, and positive lives.
  • Partner with promising organizations to create a network of valuable resources our youth can depend on to assist them in achieving their goals.
  • Foster an environment built on green, responsible and sustainable living.
  • Provide behavioral health services, and programming to help empower our youth to live satisfying lives.
  • Listen, access and encourage our young adults to strive for permanent independence by planning, saving and making good choices leading to self-sufficiency.
  • Build a sense of family and connection that many youth have lost or never had effectively.


We are providing a solution to LGBT homelessness among our adolescents. By providing housing and an array of detailed, relevant and responsive services we can start to help them transition and heal from any past or present situations and open up a world of opportunities that will enable them to develop sustainable skills and live productive lives.

By collaborative & supportive partnering with local and national community organizations, we can strengthen our commitment and creditability to our young people.

By continuing to invest in them, we help in reducing their long-term need and dependence and enhance their ability to grow into strong, focused, well-rounded members of the community.


  • Studies show that 26% of young gay males surveyed had to leave home because they were not accepted once they came out to their families.
  • Another study of gay and lesbian youth found that two out of five had been physically assaulted, with more than three-fifths of the incident’s having occurring in their homes.
  • LGBT youth are two to three times as likely as their heterosexual counterparts to attempt suicide.
    Housing is a major social determinate of health and a mitigating risk factor for HIV/STD infection.