Essex County LGBT RAIN Foundation

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Our mission at the Essex LGBT RAIN Foundation is to get LGBT homeless individuals between 18-26 off the street and transition them into more permanent housing

Our agency runs mostly as a volunteer organization. We simply cannot do the work that that needs to be done without committed volunteers who give of their time, energy, resources and money in order to effectively run this much-needed program.

We ask that you commit to at least a 6-month engagement with us during your time as a volunteer. Committing to 6 months helps establish trust with our residents who may be reluctant to building a rapport simply because history may have proven to them that they can’t depend on people. Your engagement will help build relationships and trust with the residents and the rest of the team and staff members.

After you fill out your volunteer form, we’ll contact you to start the process of onboarding which consists of conducting a background check and a volunteer orientation meeting.

Please help us help the LGBT homeless by bringing your talent, time, passion and commitment to the table.

We look forward to hearing from you!




We are currently seeking focused, committed and dedicated individuals who are interested in making a change in our community. If you are an expert in your field, passionate about ending homelessness and willing to bring your time and talent to the table to enable others, we’d love to have you.

Please take a moment to fill out our board member form so we can follow up with you on moving forward.